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April 01, 2010


Brian Turner

Thanks for the brain-melting post again TC.


Because of your blog posts, I very much look forward to Thursday fortnights.


The non-alien dude on the Astounding Science Fiction cover is definitely into steroids. I hope the story is as interesting. I remember years back in the late 80s early 90s the book shop on lower Fifth avenue (can't recall the name - where all the NYU kids got there books) had a used shop on the west side of the street. They had all these pulp fiction paperbacks in there and were charging like $25 a pop because the art became hip again. Crazy how stuff recycles itself.


Thanks again for another amazing post. Keep up the excellent work/sifting, TC


I choose.......

Her untamed young body!

Rick Cuevas

Thanks for mentioning my old 1st solo album "Symbolism" and the 2 songs from it "The Birds" and "Sense of Real". I agree the production wasn't that great (or the slow drum machine wasn't best) but that's what I had to work with at that point :) I try to improve as I go along and now I am up to album 14 :) entitled "Epiphany"...in which I got brave and did 2 Beatles covers :) All the best regards, Rick Cuevas, Palo Alto, CA (also a longtime member of the band Zru Vogue)

Tony More

Near the top of one of your web pages, I see a photo of several racks of boxed (and unboxed) audio tapes. That's how it might look to most folks, but as I look at the photos, what I see is gold. If that were my own collection, I'd love to be going through them, hoping to digitize, catalog, and share the contents. And don't forget to back-up all that material, too.

I came upon your site quite by accident. Nostalgic as I am, I was recently inspired by the voice of the announcer for a radio PSA that a local station has been airing in recent weeks. I recognized the voice and I even remember the face that goes with the voice, but I had forgotten the announcer's name, unfortunately. Remembering that this unrecalled personality also hosted game shows, I screened hundreds of photos of game show hosts until finally finding a photo of the gentleman whose voice and face I remembered ... which I finally realized belong to Mr. Jack Narz.

However, I'm truly perplexed. I'd bet a month's pay that the PSA I've recently been hearing (April 2013) on WMAL Radio is voice-overed by Mr. Narz. However, I was shocked to learn today that Mr. Narz passed away in 2008. I have the time and patience, so I intend to look into this. I hope I might be able to catch that PSA they've recently been airing with the intention of definitely determining whether it's voiced by Jack Narz.

As I discovered your site only a few moments ago, I haven't really begun to explore it yet. Don't be surprise if I return to comment further.

Thanks very much for sharing "your gold" with the world.

R.R. Werner

Wow! I've been looking for that Rick Cuevas "The Birds" song since 1984. Of course, I was spelling it "Quavis". The Bay Area's THE QUAKE radio station played it on their show EARLY TREMORS when it first came out. I have the tape somewhere but just ran across an old list of songs to find while I was moving and decided to use the power of the internet to find it. Thanks again!

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