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April 22, 2010


Will Betheboy


I'm loving your coverage of the TCM festival. While it is happening literally minutes from my home it is priced out of my budget so I'll have to settle for your coverage which doesn't feel like settling at all. Nice work.


I'll second that-! Thanks for these reports. I've moved away from having any cable or satellite TV for the past six months and TCM and Robert are some of the only things that I miss at all.

Kevin Vegetables

I had no idea my beloved Robert Osborne shared DNA with my beloved King Buzzo. My world makes sense now. Thanks!

Jerry Jewler

The Festival was a mega blast! After watching the restored version of A Star is Born, my wife and I were walking down Hollywood Blvd., chilled to the bone, and suddenly the crowd seemed to disappear and we found ourselves trailing none other than Lorna Luft and Michael Feinstein. An attractive young lady was with them. Lorna may have heard me whisper to my wife, "That's Lorna Luft!" for she turned and smiled at us. "So nice to see you," I mumbled, feeling awkward and stupid. My wife said, "You and your family have brought great joy to our lives," and Lorna graciously said, "Why thank you." Then the group was stopped by the young woman who turned out to be Lorna's daughter. Pointing to a star on Hollywood Blvd, she exclaimed, "That's Grandma's star!" "That's right, and she has three of them," Lorna replied. As they walked off to the after-show party, I felt as if I were dreaming. But it really happened and for me, it was the highlight of this wonderful event!

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