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April 20, 2010


Lynchie from Aberdeen

If you're going to rip off the poet Stevie Smith, at least have the decency to credit her...


"If you're going to rip off the poet Stevie Smith"


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I sympathise with you and your loneliness in a network.

Brooklyn Bridget

I don't see how quoting someone is "ripping them off," especially if the reader gets the reference. People don't go around saying William Shakespeare or Emerson or The Bible everytime they use a few famous words to make a point. Or maybe Lynchie does, in which case how tiresome to always have to prove you read a book once.


"I have 8 email accounts: one for WFMU, one for freelance work, one for spam, two for pseudonymous comment postings on blogs, one in case I ever set up my website, one for local political activism, and one for 'friends.' As of today, I have a total of 2,624 unread emails."

Two Things:
There is a way for you to use GMail to send and receive all of your mail in one place and still be able to send out from those addresses. Once you set that up use GMail Filters to handle it all.

Go Drown Already

You try to come off as overwhelmed by life in NYC, like we're supposed to pity or empathize with you, but you really just sound like you're a solipsist that is unwilling to put in the necessary work to maintain any kind of meaningful relationship.

Sounds to me like your "friends" are better off not hearing back from you. Geez.


we are all nerds, worthless haters, and pedantic to boot. we, the commenters.


I liked your post Bronwen

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