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April 02, 2010



Nina Mae McKinney's singing talents are also on display in the short PIE, PIE BLACKBIRD (1932) which is up on YouTube, both complete and with McKinney's rendition of "Everything I've Got Belongs to You" only; and in SAFE IN HELL (1931), which features her best film role IMO, a completely non-sterotypical part as the hotel manager. She sings "Sleepy Time Down South" in that one.

Doug S.

Thanks so much for this. Recently, I was doing some research on the pianist Garland Wilson and discovered that he'd accompanied McKinney on a European tour in '32. Have been intrigued ever since. McKinney like Wilson, died at a ridiculously young age (Garland at 45; McKinney at 54).


nice,Love it :)


Notice the "Elvis" moves she does with her legs...25 years before Elvis Presley's debut! Wow! I've watched the entire film as well as Nina in "Pie Pie Blackbird" and "The Black Network" (both Vitaphone shorts). She was a beautiful, vivacious entertainer/actress. It's very regrettable that she was given the proper showcases that should've been her due.

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