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May 13, 2010


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More of that Albert Gimenez, Please! Less Mirth tho, for how many Annie Haslams can the earth legitimately support?

Kurt Williams

Chris Sefalas reminds me of Ween with that oddly-pitched voice of his. The Martine M song sounds oddly ahead of its time as well.


I think I once had the issue of Galaxy or Astounding with the mechanical woman's picture. It contained a PKD short story.
I no longer have it, indicative of a long term pattern of failure as an entertainment consumer on my part.


Tony, I've been really digging your presence here on BoTB; the music, the jpegs, your humor and whole approach to the posts are all refreshingly unconventional. I also like that Northwind record; I thought we had that one in the library, or used to....


That Martine M. track led me to pull out all my old Family Fodder ...thanks!


The Martine M track is amazing

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