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May 27, 2010



PLEASE post the Shores of Evening album!


I love Thursday fortnights!


The Shores of Evening art has me rolling!

Re: faux psychedelia, I have a Jackie Gleason record that cashes in on that trippy feel. Other than the cover art and a sitar seemingly overdubbed on EVERY song, it's just standard elevator music.


Hey Psychedellic Guitars, Bo Diddley is on the phone; he wants his signature song back...


I like that "Star Maidens from the Planet Purple" pic-- is that your creation, a computer modification of part of the cover art?

Tony Coulter

Illich: Yep, that "Star Maidens" pic is my creation -- and the "stars" are really just patchy cover wear.

JW Buchanan

Hey, after listening to it a few times, I've realized the Dave Lee Howard's "Ramona" is essentially a cover of "O Caroline" by Matching Mole! The lyrics are mostly the same, if a bit garbled... What's weirder: the theft itself, or the fact that the shirtless guy on that record cover was listening to a fairly obscure Robert Wyatt side project band?!

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