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May 07, 2010


DJ Clem

"Jamaican" and "Up Tempo Contemporary" are the same thing. NICE.


I can't wait to get work calls with this.


done and done


Hi...great post. I posted a different Radio Shack cassette on my blog http://www.choicegrinds.com/?p=265

There are also some phonies up there by Rich Little:



More proof that libraries are important!

Account Deleted

Too bad it's kinda distorted :-/


These are cool but the audio is clipping. Please re-record at a lower level. Thanks!


i used the robot one on my work phone.. thanks for this.


I am using the Vaudeville on my Blackberry for work. Thanks and Thanks.


Umm... am I crazy or are #1 and #9 the same? They only had to 10 and they were so cheap that they re-used one??

also, as others have said it sounds a little too hot, re-recording w/ slightly less gain would be awesome so I can use the Jamaican dude as my cell greeting.


PLEASE re-record at a lower level so the audio doesn't clip. Sounds awful.


#2: The humans are dead...the humans are dea-ad...


No can do. I recorded at the lowest possible volume. Either my tape deck is bad, the tape is degraded, or there's something going wrong in the transfer through iMic...

DJ ManRich

People who whine about the audio quality of someone's rip - and rudely ask that you repeat your hard work - need to go scrounging for their own damn cassettes!
I appreciate this post and the poor quality only adds to the charm.


I'm thinking there is something wrong with the tape--considering that #9 sounds far worse than #1, despite them being the exact same recording.


The melody for Up-tempo Contemporary on side 2 is different from the Jamaican melody, so apparently there was a mistake. Which means someone went to all the trouble to sing a message for Up-tempo Contemporary and it didn't even make the tape. How sad is that?


For those complaining about distortion: It's going on to a fucking PHONE!


Yeah, but I'd like it to be intelligible on my fucking phone. Otherwise, what's the point?




It was nice of Hermes Conrad to lend his voice to #'s 1 and 9.

Reverend Dan

These can also be found in better fidelity over at Sweet Thunder.org Found Tape Recordings:


Your Shiksa

This is the sort of thing your mother would buy.


Thanks, Seth + Rev. The crucial "21st century funk" is nicely broken out and mp3'd. Seth's rips are more reminiscient of what the thing actually sounded like when you played it back through the cheap 2 inch paper speakercones on your typical Radio Shack answerphone. So retro!


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!


Haha, don't worry, this is going on my phone for sure. I just can't decide whether to use Jamaican or 21st (21st? lol) Century Funk...

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