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May 07, 2010



Works great!


I'm impressed by this simple, yet genius player. Now KFJC needs something like this and I'll be set. Thanks WFMU.


Not working for me in Safari on OS 10.6. Graphics look good, but no audio.


Hey wold, let me know what version of Safari you are using. It seems to work for most Safari/Mac people but I have had another report of someone getting a beach ball upon their first try. It worked on the second try. This is all pretty new so it will likely take some time to work out all the kinks. It seems to be most solid in Chrome.


No functionada on my Camino 2.0.2 (10.4.11). The player shows but doesn't play. I see the correct show on the air and the browser tells me there are links for the play and volume controls but they don't work. (Should it give me the OGG stream, Camino being a Mozilla project?)

Murray the Quay

Warning! I tried this on a Windows XP machine running the latest Firefox and the music streamed, but when I closed the tab with the player, Firefox locked up and could not be shut down, even via Task Manager. Firefox could not be terminated by "End Process" in Task Manager. And what's more, the entire operating system became unstable and could not be shut down. I had to eventually turn the computer off and reboot via safe mode.

I have no idea if this experience is reflective of anyone else's, but I thought you should know.


Works great on Safari on Mac OS 10.6. When I tried to compare the sound of the HTML5 stream with the stream from iTunes I found out that there is a different stream! Which one is the live stream?


Also working in Opera 10.54 & Midori 0.2.4 on Crunchbang Linux (Debian). Also Opera 10.53 / Windows XP

Jhh Löwengard

Works for me on this here iPad!


I am running Ubuntu Linux. Works in Chrome, but not Firefox.


I am running firefox and safari for mac os X 10.4 and it seems to work perfectly in booth


Nice.. I hope more effort goes into this. Just noticed Free music archive doesn't use flash. Who the heck needs it to play audio streams? :)


Firefox 3.6.3 Win32 here and working good. I do get the Vorbis stream, and it's too bad it's not stereo.

And I agree about dumping flash, as it's not standards based or open or free. I'm sorry you don't feel the same about mp3, but some day you will. Vorbis is great. And greater in stereo. ;)


p.s. the volume is really really low. It's peaking at mere -12dB. That's about 25% as loud as it should be. Have you thought about some affordable computer-hosted audio processing before, like Breakaway? The "Live" version of that is only $129 and it competes with (and in many people's opinion WINS against) current $13,000+ flagship audio processors from the likes of Omnia, Orban, Vorsis, DSP-X, etc. Check out the time-unlimited free demos, and see what you think. ceaudio dot com


This is wonderful!
Well, I`m looking for such a thing for months. I`d like to play mp3 stream, but html5 audio player doesn`t support stream.
I want to ask, if you could be so kind and send me stream.php file please :)

Bcs when I set mp3 as src attribute in audio tag, it does not work :(


This is great! I'm listening to this on an iPad. You should turn this into a grooveshark competitor


This is great and very innovative! The audio file plays back quite well. How are you doing the relay of the mp3 stream via your "stream3.php" file. Have you tried anything for an "on-demand" type interface? One note, it is quite easy to download the stream via the browser. Most other streaming technologies don't allow this as easily (you usually need a third party real time capture software of some sort).

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