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June 11, 2010



Can we start the message board back up too?

Sorry - GREAT to have you back. Looking fwd to it.


Never met my father, and know virtually nothing about him, but we look almost identical. The one and only time I spoke to him over the phone, he told me that he wasn't sure whether he was my father. I'm glad I never knew him.

Dave B

Glad to have you back Chris.

Hornet Montana

So is the program Communication Breakdown as stated on the schedule, or Aerial View II as you say here?

Hornet Montana

Oh, it has been changed to Aerial View. I'm having a nervous breakdown, drive me insane.

Bruce Higgins

I never knew my dad. He "left" us in the Spring of 1969. I was was less than 3 years old. There's no record of him after his disappearance. No IRS, soc. sec. credit, arrest, sightings of any kind, no correspondence, etc. Some feel he was DB Cooper or the Zodiac. I think he was killed by our neighbor and future asshole stepdad. I'm offering a one dollar reward for any information.

Dale Hazelton

"Oh my God!"


Welcome back, Chris.

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