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June 08, 2010



No but thanks for asking, especially with that cadence.

Bryan Saunders

There was that brief moment with a Stetsasonic hit in the 80's "Free Africa" and the Jungle Brothers early releases that were heavily influenced, but I always thought they should have taken it much further. The huge Jamiacan population in NYC at that time ruled. Ever heard of the late 80's D.C. duo Supa Wes & Junior Bapp? Reggae with a touch of Arabic Rap? Can't go wrong with that!


Dr. Alban got play on whatever random stations I could find hip hop playing back in the day.
This was on eastern L.I. in the early '90s


My new fav is Zef from South Africa. Die Antwood (The Answer) www.dieantwoord.com is a fun project and about to drop their first CD on Interscope. Touring soon as well.

Toronto Dentist in Etobicoke

Catchy tune from Dr. Alban. A dentist with musical skills? Inconceivable! I couldn't sing a decent note to save my life.

Joe Bulger DDS
Royal York Dental - Dentist in Toronto Etobicoke


African music is definitely creeping on America. the timing is good especially now after the south Africa world cup. people saw a different side of Africa and are ready for a little something different. I think that not just artist but African sound beats used by major American artist could bring people to African hip hop too!

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