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June 10, 2010



The first two letters of Mr. Erickson's handle are very appropriate...ewwwwwww.


I'm willing to grant that Alvin Greene is a nice man, and a sincere and honest person, and probably not even a big pervert - though I have no idea how showing someone a porn pic is a felony, but whatever.

How a guy with no campaign signs, no campaign to speak of, no fundraisers, no meet-and-greets documented, nothing - gets 100K votes is a big fucking mystery.

I don't even suspect Mr. Greene of being personally involved in any shenanigans, but I want to know how these votes were counted.

Something stinks.


Look at the interview he did with Olberman last night. The man is an idiot, obviously a Republican plant. (Yes, a human being with a soul but certainly not Senator material.)


A perfect storm of knavery and foolishness, JT. Open primaries mean you can vote for whomever you like. Wouldn't you vote for Orly Taintz in the republican primary if you were a democrat in California? Combine this with racial issues ( affiliation voting ) and positive press on vets and you get this. As an independent, it kinda pisses me off that I can't partake of the primaries ( god knows, the republicans need some adult guidance in their selection process far more than the democrats, this foolishness notwithstanding ). But the potential for serious mischief is just too great.

So yeah, the 64 amero question is, "who ponied up the cash to run this sock puppet"? I would start at the Appalachian trail, and work my way west to Argentina, if you know what I mean. Someone got nervous.

Spaceman One

Ask Rahm or Chuck!


No need. I have it on good authority that they _both_ had sex with Nikki Haley.


I don't think the man is a plant nor an idiot. Shame on so-called 'liberals' for declaring anyone who isn't a typical slick DLC shill to be a plant. Most people don't follow local politics AT ALL and a better name will win in a race like this.

It could be great having a regular guy with real problems in the Senate.

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