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June 18, 2010



He totally stole that idea from Japanese horror flick "Island of the Mushroom People" (aka "Matango") which scared me off of any kind of mushroom in my youth. Basic plot: people stranded on an island eat the local mushrooms and start turning into mushrooms.

This the same guy that made an album with Henry Kaiser during the tail end of glasnost?


A little cross cultural history is in order.

In the 70s', John Marco Allegro published a popular underground cult book called "the mushroom and the cross" in which he claimed to prove that Christianity began as a mushroom cult and that Jesus Christ is a symbol for the amanita muscaria mushroom. You can be sure Mssr Kuryokhin was familiar with this book, given his references to Castaneda and other pop culture figures of the time. The political allegory is obvious; and a bold joke to make at the governments expense. That he could make it without fear of repercussion is indicative of the time ('91).

Bonus fun fact about amanita. The alkaloids ( entirely different from the ones present in lophophora ) are unchanged after passing though the human body. The russian shaman would typically ingest the mushroom, and some hours later, other would drink the expressed urine of the shaman. The lesser alkaloids that result in some of the toxic side effects would have been digested by the shaman, making the resulting experience much more pleasurable for the others.


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