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June 11, 2010


Ricardo Gallo

Glad to hear the music was well received at our first gig, and that it was perceived with peaks and valleys, and much anticipation, because it was that way for us!
The three of us are involved in different projects and forms of expression, and I think that makes it the more interesting when these backgrounds are working together in a collaboration.
I want to say about my other music referred to in my website, that I have been trying to do something beyond latin music, and also hopefully trying to be broader than well-mannered. Colombia is rich in traditions, (in fact Satoshi Takeishi can say a lot about that) and those sounds and those of other latin american countries are not heard in a lot of what is called latin music. I have adopted many of those influences, articulating them in compositions and improvisations to try to do something that is new, and different to what is known as "latin music". True I have up there in my website only a sample from recordings, and a lot of times other layers that would bring this music into "modern idioms" are more apparent in live performances. But I hope even those samples from my "Cuarteto" would represent a modern approach to creative music with a foot in Latin America, and in my case Colombia.
Here are two reviews from my two CDs of my Colombian Quartet (Cuarteto): Urdimbres y MaraƱas and Los Cerros Testigos , but of course, music should speak more than all those words...
I recorded a third album with this "Cuarteto", maybe it will be received as more adventurous...
In any case, I am pleased to know that this new project TAUOM is perceived as to have potential, definitely will plan at some point to record it too. Hope to see you in our next gig.


The set was beautiful at Issue Project Room, perhaps even worthwhile to sit through the solid hour of WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS/WE ARE ALL NATIVES philosophizing--go to Cornelia St Cafe and enjoy!

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