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June 20, 2010



That's not actually the original masters of the Hockey Theme. They wanted to release them on CD some years ago but couldn't locate the masters, so they rounded up Guido Basso and as many other of the musicians from the original sessions as they could and had them re-record it using the original charts. They ended up selling it as a digital download on Itunes and elsewhere. TSN's new recording ended up not sounding much different, since I would guess they used the same charts.

Listener Kliph

That's crazy that they couldn't locate the master. it's on a reel in Winnipeg. At least it was circa 1999.


The closing theme is way more Dragnetty than I ever remembered it...


Looks like an interesting site, thanks!


great find - I'm digging how the Soul Train theme song evolved over the years http://www.tvmusicmuseum.com/documents/752.html

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