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October 14, 2010


Jeffree G7 Moore

of all things, this chant appears in the very last episode of The Monkees, directed by Micky Dolenz! that bit was always a mystery to me, but now...it's still a head-scratcher.


it's also a bit like those american auctioneers ,like in that werner herzog film,where the bloke's mobile home gets auctioned off


I wish I had some funny references to pitch in.

Enkill Eridos

The literal words mean Devotion to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra. Which can be summed up to one sentence.

To treat others as if they were you.

This is the foundation of world peace, and the only way we will ever achieve world peace is when everyone does this simple thing.

Steve DePiro

Long Time SGI Member and I chant everyday ....I have become a multi millionaire many times over ....in everything but money !


i hear you steve, .. jonno in australia, sgi ..perth and sydney.. have you ever tried yidaki ( or didgeridoo as it is more commonly known) the tecnique for playing is parrallel to chant ,and a complete mind and body experience. happy days mate.


If you have any kind of obstacle, at all, just try even just think nam-myoyho-renge-kyo,
just ONCE, and take immediate action, and witness the amazing results!

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