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November 09, 2010



Great stuff. I Dig Your Voodoo is indeed one of the great 'lost' albums that needs to get a lot more attention.


A boxset of Monsoon Bassoon? We're there.

Paul Sears

Great stuff Kavus! I hope to see you early next year.
Good to see on WFMU. A track on The Muffins Loveletter # 1 CD was recorded live at WFMU on Stork's show back on July 15, 2000, and that track also appeared on the super WFMU groovy sampler "Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player".

taylor dayne

A Monsoon Bassoon box set would be brilliant. I'm downright quivering at the thought of hearing all the unreleased tracks.

Brian Turner

Love the Cardiacs beyond words...


Nice interview. I'm very excited about the forthcoming Tim Smith tribute album!
Details available here: http://www.thegenepool.co.uk/items/597.htm


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Alexander Tucker

Cardiacs are amazing and Karvus is a top geezer, all love and light to tim smith. AX

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