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December 14, 2010


Paul Kelly

Hi Zacharius
Really fascinating piece drawing the connections between Fahey and his sources. Quill Blues and Big Boy Cleveland was new to me. Kind of a solo from a fife and drum band like Otha Turner.
You mentioned John's book about Charlie Patton. It was long out of print until the Revenant box set. But I had a small part in it re-surfacing.
In 1999 I was tour manager for Fahey on a UK tour and before he arrived I found the book in a library in Manchester. I gave it to him - he didn't have it and as far as I can work out the reproduction in the boxset is from that copy. I had to pay the library for it but I figured that John deserved to have it.
Thanks again


Thanks for your post. Anyone interested in exploring more of Fahey's influences should check this blog: http://grapewrath.blogspot.com/2008/04/roots-of-john-fahey.html [hopefully links are still alive]

Zacharius Hay


Thanks for your response; glad you were able to track down that book so it could make its away into that collection. That set really is phenomenal.


I had stumbled onto that site quite a while ago, and checked back several times, and the links were down, but they appear to be working now. Here I go to listen...I'd forgotten about that site am glad that its available again.


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