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January 19, 2011



Congratulations on the 100th volume, I check here every wednesday to see what you selected and always find something that intrigues me to explore further. So a big bear hug for you and here's to 100 more. Take care.


Seconding the congratulations, Doug. You find so much great stuff it'll take me the rest of my life to listen to it all...


Great work Doug - not only do you expand and challenge my musical horizons, you write in such a way as to inspire chuckles coupled with positive and zany mental imagery along the way. Thank you - may you have as much fun doing the next 100 posts - Chris at Electric Jive - Durban


That Rockin Hillbilly stuff is great. I'm starting with three of them for now, and that blog has some other decent stuff too.
and TAK SHNIDO. wow, excellent.

something has been drivin me crazy lately.
There was this lounge hit in the late 50's, a slightly spooky number, it shows up in the film "Apollo 13" (in the aquarium scene) and it's also in
the movie LA BAMBA (scene at the end- his mother and brother hear about his death on the radio, then that song comes on, but it's background.
It seems like its's not in either O.S.T. soundtrack...

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