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January 07, 2011



Aloha, fellow WFMUer, I was tickled to see another person writing about good ol' Tom Glazer- nice find, this K7! You may wanna have a listen/look-see at my last Tom Glazer post:

Jessi Hance

I grew up with that Tom Glazer album, memorized On Top of Spaghetti with my siblings, and sang along to all of the songs to death. I didn't discover Ella Jenkins until I was a daycare teacher, and "my" kids and I quite liked her. Of course, Ella's stuff tends to work well with preschool age, where Tom's I think of more as primary school stuff. And Ella is quieter than Tom. So to me they're both treasures, but different kinds.


Was Tom Glazer the originator of "Pick A Bale"? I remember that's the same song Steve Martin was singing in the movie "The Jerk" at the end.

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