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April 08, 2011



It's so true what you write. I was a freshman-sophmore in those days & Boston had it's hip FM station, WBCN, that only broadcast at night out of the back room of the Boston Tea Party concert hall, after the shows were over, with Charles Laquidara & Peter Wolf as the first DJ's. During the day the station played classical music.
Those first couple of years of FM rock, everything was free form as WFMU is now. You would hear lots of the early Mothers of Invention stuff next to Cream, next to bands from the SF hippie underground next to Ornette Coleman jazz or Sun RA next to deep album cuts from obscure bands even then.
But when my wife listens to the classic rock stations now, all you ever hear is the same 100 or so songs & usually the ones that crossed over to become top 40 hits in the early 70's. They are not even the songs that the early FM stations played.
I mean Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water is the only song ever played, what ever happened to the great songs of Machine Head.
Sheesh, no wonder I started listening to the college stations by the time 1975-1976 & punk rolled around.

Ralph Goldstein

This is a good collection of off the beaten track classics. One of my favorite groups of that era aside from Cream was a group called Rotary Connection. They recorded in some called Cadet concept in 1968 they released the album Aladdin and one of the tracks that got a lot of play on Wabc~fm a station that eventually became wplj was I took a ride (caravan) featuring the late Minnie Ripperton who hit the "high" notes like no one else. The Aladdin track is also a favorite.

Irene Trudel

Having started my FM listening back in the early FM rock days, these tunes have formed the basis of my listening habits to this day. A lot of these tunes couldn't fit in an easy category-- somewhat rock but heavily seasoned with jazz or artsong elements. I really miss the eclectic, pre-consultant nature of early FM rock formats, but WFMU fills that void pretty nicely for me.

DJ Handi

stan makes it a point to play the first rotary connection album each xmas wk


Ultimate Spinach: Mind Flowers


I remember when WOR-FM started out. Just music no adverts or news or DJ.I heard beautiful songs that I haven't heard since.
Also around the same time WQXR-AM would shut down for maintenance early Monday morning and a very hip engineer would play
the same exotic rock jazz folk stuff to set levels to.In both cases no artist or song title were given.
I'm still trying to find them.


Correction- upon deeper reflection I now remember there were ads for Pepsi and Honer harmonica.
A scab read may be 20 seconds of headlines each hour during prime time.

DJ Handi

you know, there is a site about radio history in new york--www.nyradioarchive.com
and it has a lot of soundbytes from Alison Steele and other NEW, PLJ (ABC) and wor djs and i can't figure that out a lot of the backdrop music either. a lot of those guys really were not coming out of rock, but were just really good DJs--show people-- given freedom with new music. god knows what albums they were using-for talk overs probably weird 50s and 60s stuff they got in their parents attics


Here's one I found - Norma Tanega- Bread.

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