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April 14, 2011



After seeing CW for the first time at some art gallery in SD I was hooked. That night they were only permitted enough time to play 2 songs, & I knew I HAD to see more. I went to every show of theirs I heard about; including the ghost town desert show, the first Narnia rave show (all acoustic!) several shows at the Auditorium in Hollywood, the World Beat Center and Che cafe and 14th & C in SanDiego. Every time I would go and cleanse myself in the filthy muck of the crowd, eventually leaving refreshed. I saw the weirdest shit every time, ie: some guy's hair go up in flames after getting hit in the head with a flaming ball that was being swung around on a rope or chain, 70 yr old dudes standing in the back observing the ritual(?), fire breathing rope twirling naked women who hung by their NECKS and spun above the crowd, dogs and people humping (not each other thank God). I would always wear coveralls, lose those somewhere and end up lucky if I managed to retain my shorts to make it home in. I always felt invincible when I left to go home. Truly some of the wildest and most memorable nights of my fairly chaotic life. Those who got a chance to witness know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm afraid shows of that caliber do not occur anywhere any more. And thats a damn shame.

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