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May 14, 2011



love the article, but i can't get the video to play for nuthin'.

Jason Forrest

Hey Chuck - Works for me, but you can also see it from the main Network Awesome site:

And if you are still having problems, email me, we can see if it's a tech problem from our side or just a lil' misunderstanding.

Jason Forrest - The Network Awesome dude

Zacharius Hay

Thanks very much for the article; I always assumed Dave Brubeck WAS the lamest of jazz musicians and that he was responsible for what I always called "Bookstore Jazz", so its good to hear otherwise. Plus, the fact that he didn't read music and kept the secret hidden makes it all the better, and makes me want to like him.


Will go listen to this with open ears, or I'll try at least.


It's funny, "Time Out" is portrayed here as "challenging" but in fact, for all the unique time signatures it's actually a very catchy album; it went gold because "Take Five" and "Blue Rondo a la Turk" are really pretty songs with melodies that stick in your head. What better way to get jazz to use new time signatures than to have a huge hit with them?

Dahn Ellis

I, for one, had too looked at the Brubeck music as too tame. It's a shame I was not listening critically enough. Now I cannot get enough of it. What really help was the archival foorage like this that, uhmm, showed who was playing this stuff. Whoa. So much for Stanley Crouch and his rants.

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