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June 16, 2011


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Brian Turner

Oh man, the definitive TC DDAA post, been waiting for this...


Great post. Looking at all these wonderful artworks, it strikes me how D.D.A.A. are close to Bazooka, a group of French independent designers who did a lot of cover art in the 1980s.

Valerie Blindee

Thanks this is a very good post. Thank you soooo much. I asked my French friends if they know DDAA. I'm still waiting for their answers.

Editor B

Ohhhh yes thank you.

Philippe B

What a great slice of french oddity, i'm really amazed you've heard about them, woaw !!!
these weirdos met at the Art-School in Caen (Normandy), there was a good record-shop in town (dont remember the name so) with lots of early punkitude and experimental stuff to find, it's where i bought "Miss Vandann" back in 79.
I was there with a friend, looking for some Residents stuff when i saw this single et instantly been captured by its home-made cover and incredibly strange soundscapes, holy reminder of the time music was a-changing everyday...
i've never saw them live though. I recently sold this record to another friend of mine, for his own D.D.A.A collection.

Thx a million for this post :)
geetz from Normandy.

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