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November 10, 2012


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Wow--nice to learn that it's the liberals making their donors rich. Darn those money-funneling progressives.

All I can say for this idiot is that, unlike Romney, he seems aware that poor people actually exist.


KEY records was (I believe) the recording arm of the John Birch Society-- I have several of their LPs, all are spoken word, far-right, paranoia regarding communist infiltration, often recorded live at JBS conventions (and a lot of them are ridiculously long and lo-fi microgroove LPs.) In fact their paranoia is not much different than the kind of constant conspiracy theories dreamed up on conservative blogs these days-- just about anything the government does can be interpreted as part of some sinister one-world-government plot, from farm subsidies to arms reduction treaties.



Apparently they also did at least one jazz LP, Joe Howard's "Jazz Highway 20", which was news to me (I have several Key LPs, none are music.)



Looks like it was NOT officially part of the John Birch Society, but was run by composer Vick Knight, who switched it over from jazz to spoken word in the early 60s.


Wow. What a great speech. And very apropos to today's situation and the vaunted 47% etc. I wish more people would have heard this before the election )and before Romney was nominated for that matter). Very true. Thanks for finding it and thanks for finding all your obscure recordings.

John Clark

He's your uncle! (slaps face)
He's your father! (slaps face)
He's your uncle! (slaps face)
He's your father! (slaps face)

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