December 22, 2005

Turkish Sci-Fi Workout

VlcsnapCourtesy of the classic Turkish Star Wars rip off Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam, I've got a workout montage that will have you tying styrofoam boulders to your ankles and sweating off those holiday sweets in no time.

It's a big one at 28MB. GRAB IT!

If you're not familiar with this amazing film check out this review or stop by MySpleen which is currently running torrent of the full feature (sign up req).

October 03, 2005

Jean Shepherd Archives

255aRadio legend Jean Shepherd needs no introduction (but that link should work fine). Instead proceed directly to the Shep Archives for a 1550 track library containing nearly 1000 hours of Shep MP3 goodness. We're talking over 1000 recordings from the WOR days alone. I think you'll find it's an enjoyable as well as an unconquerable companion to WFMU's Aircheck.

August 21, 2005

Eugene Mirman Videos

Video_thumbs_artNew York comedian Eugene Mirman hosts 18 hilarious videos on his webpage and you should watch them all. Once you're done with those visit his Show & Tell section where you'll find a spot on impression by Stella's Micheal Showalter, and if you're not watching Stella you're mad.

July 26, 2005

Nihilist Spasm Band Live

Nomusic_1I dropped by the Nihilist Spasm Band's Monday racket yesterday and have returned with presents. Formed in 1965, NSB is apparently really big in Japan but can still be seen every week in London Ontario at the great Dissent night club (check out dissent's Spasm Band gallery here). This Monday's line up featured Art Pratten on violin, Bill Exley doing the voice thing, Pat Gregory on bass, John Clement on drums and Connell Smiley on sax.
Using the latest in entry level digital camera technology I recorded set one and most of set two for your viewing displeasure. The picture is virtually indecipherable  and the same could be said for the sound, but does it really mater?

Set One (quicktime)
Set Two (quicktime)
Related: I'm A Meat Eater (MP3 On The Download) & another post with lots of NSB MP3s.

July 19, 2005

OCD Screen Savers

Nwyh020_tUK design company Nowwashyourhands has got 40 or so great screen savers ready for download. Many of them are obsessive compulsive enough to save even Tony Shalhoub's monitor from burn in. This is especially the case with #20, a looped animation of hand washing. Other good choices include the disturbingly bloody #37, the trouble making ape of #31 (perfect for any Dave the Spazz fan) and the office inspired labyrinth of #19. There is also some slick wallpapers so check it out.

June 23, 2005

Look Down

CokeFormerly reserved for me when I catch you talking about Tom Cruise, looking down can now be used for the blowing of your mind, with art.

The artwork of Julian Beever uses a distorted perspective to give the illusion of three dimensions. It’s like that Hans Holbein painting you didn’t understand in grade 10 art history. He draws some cool stuff like Tony Blair falling down a well, a rescue operation not involving gravity, reality based pop-up ads and himself. Via:Flaphead.

If you prefer your visual perception sober but want your preconceptions about the connection between Stanley Kubrick and Jupiter squashed, see Toynbee Tiles.

June 03, 2005

Uncyclopedic Knowledge

BookburningIf you thought Wikipedia was unreliable by allowing my kid sister to rewrite the article on tort reform, drop by the Uncyclopedia for articles so content free they may only pass as sources with like 30% of professors and maybe one or two news sites. Discover the Pope's Discography, liberal leanings at Fox News and why Communists adhere to a strict typographical style which forbids all capitalization, punctuation, and spacing, so that all letters may be brought together as equals.

Remember, since it's a Wiki you can freely edit and expand upon the Uncyclopedia, so who's going to write the WFMU entry?

May 14, 2005

Dick Cheney's Skin Pores

CheneyIf the idea of numerous local brothels or furry human music has got you a little to frisky for church tomorrow, go ahead and take advantage of Google image search’s most revealing feature for an instant buzz kill. It’s the ability to browse only high resolution images by clicking the "large" option in the upper right corner after a search. What you’ll find after a little browsing is all your favorite famous people in the kind of frightening detail once only available to their plastic surgeons. I’ve gone ahead and located (Warning, these are very big jpegs) Elvis Costello, Bill Cosby, Salvador Dali, Harrison Ford, former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and current boogyman Dick Cheney for your viewing displeasure, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. I have a feeling that with HDTV becoming mainstream there is much more extremely disturbing wrinkle detail on the way, so go on and be the first amoung your friends to own the Steve Buscemi photo that's just gotta be out there.

April 30, 2005

Inuit Mittatin

MitInuit Mittatin is Inuktitut for “That’s Funny” and is also the name of my favorite television show. Airing Thursday nights here in Canada on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network or APTN, Inuit Mittatin’s official description reads "This program sets out to find the funniest, quirkiest Inuit in the communities of Nunavut. What is so distinct about Inuit humour? What role does humour play in Inuit life?".

If I had to write the blurb it would read “This program is a lunatic Inuit woman running all over the barren north making up songs and inviting us along as she sinks deeper and deeper into dementia”.

If you get APTN, watch this show. If you don’t, I’ve done my best to furnish you with some clips. I had to point my digital camera at my TV so it’s not as HD as possible, but the audio is good. These are all 2-6MB WMV.

The theme.
Trip to hotel. In this clip she travels to a hotel and visits the Queen Elizabeth Suite. The creep showing her around claims the queen stayed here, I’m not so sure. I swear the edit from an offer to see where the Queen drank tea to a shot of the toilet was how it aired.
Stand up comedy. Here we see the ultimate joke, it is both a lawyer joke AND a Newfie joke.
Oh Canada. This lesser sung version of Oh Canada is followed by a brief God Bless America and then what I think was a request for a new chair from the Canadian government.
Cracking eggs. Cracking eggs in front of some kind of studio audience.
Dream sequence. It’s not all fun and games on Inuit Mittatin, they finish every episode with a short soap opera called “As Nunavut Turns For The Passionate and Devious”. We see our host turn thespian in dream sequence featuring bingo and closing doors with feet.

April 15, 2005

London Downloadable

In the spirit of sharing local quirks, I’ve got all the Forest City MP3s you can handle. With a population of about 360 000, my home London Ontario can be summarized as “2 hours from Toronto or Detroit”. Musically it’s best known for it’s long gone punk scene, which taunts today’s rock deprived Londoners at The London Ontario Punk Rock Scarchives. While not punk, the most well known acts to emerge from the toxic Thames include Guy Lombardo (streaming realaudio, slowed for your enjoyment) and the WFMU favorite, The Nihilist Spasm Band (streaming realaudio).

You sure as hell don’t want to come here today, so if you really want a taste of London get your plug-ins ready and head on over to CHRW’s London Music Archive which features tons (or tonnes) of complete albums in glorious MP3 from all the big and small acts ranging from 1967 to today.

Must have albums on the site are:

The Nihilist Spasm Band - Vol. 2

The Nihilist Spasm Band - Every Monday Night

The Nihilist Spasm Band = 7x~x=x

The Nihilist Spasm Band - Live in Japan

63 Monroe - Stinkin' Up The Joint (Maybe the greatest London album ever)

The Demics - Talk's Cheap

The Demics - The Demics

The Ledgend Killers - Better Than Hammerin'

The Legend Killers - The Legend Killers

The Napalm Babys - Who Cares About The Devil

Go ahead and check it all out and don’t skip the dozen or so What Wave compilations.
Next Time: Guelph Ontario. Brace yourself, Guelph isn't just another word for barf.

April 10, 2005

F'ing Example

In case all this FCC stuff has left you wondering just how to use the word fuck properly, here are two examples which showcase it's wide variety.

The first is a song created by North Korea to express their dissatisfaction with the USA for, among other things, stealing a gold medal. Hear the MP3 or view the video for a translation.

Second is a track from H. Jon Benjamin (friend of The Best Show) and is "like fucking perfectly fucking perfect and great and fucking great". Download the MP3 or experience the video.

April 05, 2005

One Less Car

If you haven't heard the Cosmic Cowboy's show on the current Critical Mass troubles, go ahead and  do so: (Realaudio archive). Critical Mass is a fun, legal and peaceful event that is fairly cop free in most locations and I highly recommend it. Okay, now that that's out of the way, what is a cyclist to do when they want to break the law and probably their spine? They repress that urge and leave it to the pros. Lucas Brunelle has got some terrifying movies of street races through busy, chaotic traffic. My favorites include drinking & racing, monster track, drag race NYC and ice ice . Check them out!

If less extreme bicycle photography is more your style maybe you would like to mount your own camera the coat hanger way or the bottle cap way.

Finally, if you're searching for a way to make your spokes spell out "Fuck Bloomberg" maybe this is more your style.

March 30, 2005

Spice Up Your Desktop

Admit it, those awful screen captures from the leaked Carrot Top sex video are not an appropriate desktop wallpaper. Don't blame yourself, I too question Microsoft's decision to ship them with XP, but there is hope! Listener Jeff here with some desktop wallpapers that could easily make you the most popular person on your network.

Animals always make adorable desktops, who wouldn't want to store MP3s on this sloth, these grizzlies, a pizza party, or this precious little moment which I should point out is totally unrealistic.

First off, beavers are not friends with squirrels, they're far too smart to be seen with them. Secondly, just for the sake of argument lets say the beaver was “a little slow” or something and decided to befriend a squirrel, they wouldn't value a flower like we do. They are incapable of understanding it’s fragile beauty. That's really what separates the human from the squirrel. Unlike these filthy rodents we've got a little thing called civilization and it doesn’t matter how often they keep me awake all night with there constant scratching and chittering, they ain't never going to be the top dog. You hear that Tufty? NEVER. Maybe if they stopped stuffing their cheeks for a couple minutes they could make something of themselves like their relative the pigeon. That's an animal that had the good sense to quit chittering and do their duty overseas like a true patriot. Countless carrier pigeons lost their lives fighting the Nazi war machine making sure today’s lazy squirrels have the freedom to spend all day jumping from tree to tree, ignorant of the harsh reality of the real world. Notice I didn't mention thieving seeds from bird feeders? That's because incase the name “bird feeder” didn't clue them in, those seeds are FOR BIRDS.

I could go on but in honor of the brave carrier pigeon here are some hyper patriotic wallpapers, which are very hard to find on the internet. We have Lady Liberty/Flag/God, Eagle/Flag/Derby, Flag/Wordy Text and Flag/Bush/Clock/Fear/Lecture. Happy Wallpapering and remember, tiling is so Windows 98.

(Thanks Scary Squirrel World for incriminating information)