> Logo-Rama 2005

We received such an outpouring of extraordinary listener artwork submissions for our recent logo design contest that we just couldn't keep it all to ourselves.

Hold your champagne glass high, extend your pinky, turn up your nose, and take a stroll through this gallery of WFMU-centric works from the modern era.

Aaron Dunkel #1
Aaron Dunkel #2
Aaron Dunkel #3
Alina G - Pinup
Andy Duvall - T-shirt, back
Andy Duvall - T-shirt, front
Barbara Bell - Igloo Listeners
Barbara Bell - Lure
Barbara Bell - Radio Scoundrel
Bill Harbort
Brad Strum - Bumper Sticker
Brad Strum - T-shirt
Brian Metz - Bumper Sticker
Brian Metz - T-shirt
Caleb Hickman
Chris Raschka - Savior of Mankind (B&W)
Chris Raschka - Savior of Mankind (color)
Damien Jay - Bumper Sticker
Damien Jay - T-shirt
Danny Ramirez
Dave Barber & Lane Twitchell - Back
Dave Barber & Lane Twitchell - Front
Diego Medina - Boy Sticker
Diego Medina - Bunny Sticker
Diego Medina - Happy Day
Diego Medina - Mess
Diego Medina - Mountains
Diego Medina - Sunny
Diego Medina - Vampire
Diego Medina - VW
Doug Radcliffe #1
Doug Radcliffe #2
Ed Word #1
Ed Word #2
Ed Word #3
Ed Word #4
Edward Lasala #1
Edward Lasala #2
Edward Lasala #3
Erik Korsgaard - Gossip
Erik Korsgaard - Light
Fiona Smyth - Elephant
Fiona Smyth - Girl
Fiona Smyth - Sticker
Geoffroy Dadier
Greg Baron
Greg Harrison
Howard Forbes
Jared Brown