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January 14, 2005



I liked the spongebob track so much when I heard it on Donna Summer's show (a long time ago now!) I spliced it out of the mp3 of the show and put it on a cd for my son (3 yrs at the time) who absolutely loves it (and it drove the parents of his friends to yank the cd out of the machine :)

I've never been able to find the whole collection though. The current website doesn't have this mix on it - it has *Baltimore* club tracks, though. The stuff BT played in the show he linked to is also great. Play more! I need the whole thing. Too bad I won't be hearing the unclefucker mix on the air.

And I don't really care about dance music in general. This stuff is just hypnotic and jarring at the same time, and has that good raw garage vibe of someone taking a very limited toolset and using it to the hilt.

dj technics

thanks for the love......hahahahhaa
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Love the site so I decided to back track and see what else they had. I found this artical and instantly fell in love with the music this is a current working link to find some of the music

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