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January 16, 2005


Listener Bob

Hey Ms. Bronwyn,
Great stuff, cool photo in the other blog! You're writing is quite entertaining, please keep it coming.
When you mention that you're not a DJ anymore, I hope the situation isn't permanent. Any chance that'll change come spring?
Take care.


Hello Ms. Bronwyn,

Paul H-O and I did ART-TV many years ago. That was two years or so after I wrote an article about his and Jim Napierella's plywood sculptures – surfboards, wheel-footed towers, objets. Paul worked for another artworld woman then, Sherrie Levine, producing her "Malic Molds" based upon Duchamp's drawings.

ART-TV ran on public access TV in Manhattan. That morphed into Gallery Beat while I morphed into an ex-pat living in Paris writing and making art, and drinking great $10 bottles of wine. Typical stuff.

So... I just received the MYSPACE site invite with news of this film project, Guest of C S. and the link to this page. I like your take on it, especially the bit about the celebrity doorman. I think about how that celebrity doorman must feel if he goes on vacation, say to Paris, and he wants to get into a club, say the Bain Douches, and he has to wait in line with all the French "bridge and tunnel" types. He might feel an excitement, no? Or he might feel let down, not having his own door to open, and not allowed to glide in here because no one knows him. Famous is an odd word. Methinks celebrity and market segmentation are more related than people think.

Anyway, nice to visit here. When I was living in NY I would often listen to WFMU. I think I'll tune you in from my arrondisement.


Matthew Rose
Paris, France



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