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February 16, 2005


Amanda Barrett

fuck. who are the 38?

Liz Berg

Here are the 38 members of the House that voted AGAINST raising the fines for indecent broadcasts (i.e., these lads and ladies have their heads screwed on properly... well, at least concerning this issue). If you don't see your rep listed here, give 'em hell.

36 Democrats
1 Republican
1 Independent

Abercrombie (HI-1st)
Ackerman (NY-5th)
Baird (WA-3rd)
Berman (CA-28th)
Clay (MO-1st)
Conyers (MI-14th)
Delahunt (MA-10th)
Farr (CA-17th)
Fattah (PA-2nd)
Frank (MA-4th)
Grijalva (AZ-7th)
Harman (CA-36th)
Hastings (FL-23rd)
Hinchey (NY-22nd)
Honda (CA-15th)
Kucinich (OH-10th)
Lee (CA-9th)
Lewis (GA-5th)
Lofgren, Zoe (CA-16th)
McDermott (WA-7th)
Nadler (NY-8th)
Owens (NY-11th)
Paul (TX-14th)
Payne (NJ-10th)
Sabo (MN-5th)
Sánchez, Linda T. (CA-39th)
Sanders (VT)
Schakowsky (IL-9th)
Scott (VA-3rd)
Serrano (NY-16th)
Sherman (CA-27th)
Stark (CA-13th)
Velázquez (NY-12th)
Wasserman Schultz (FL-20th)
Waters (CA-35th)
Watson (CA-33rd)
Waxman (CA-30th)
Woolsey (CA-6th)


And speaking on behalf of the new Puritanism, is the bill's sponsor:

Tina Funk

Isn't it ironic? The US Servicemen are over in the Middle East fighting and dying to bring them Democracy, and the United States Government is continually taking away our rights. Personally, I think religion and politics should not mix.. I interpret this Bill to say that the Government feels that the average American is unable to care properly for their children.
Looks like it passed in the House, but thank goodness there are a handful of Senators that are fighting for the average American.

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