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February 23, 2005


Listener Michael

O.K., but it sounds an awful lot like the awful "Crank Yankers" show.

bob fredmund

very nice.. yesyes


I always tell telemarketers that I'm dead. That gets my name of their lists fairly quickly.


This is just the best idea I've ever heard in my life.

I'm not being sarcastic.

Jeff T

I think I'm in love with you Andy.



bruce grossman

I actually like blowing a whistle right into the phone that goes over real well

Ron D

I somehow think Andy would not be acting.


Sometimes I try to keep them on the phone for a really long time and then say I'm not interested. Do I have your permission to combine the two ideas?

"Gross" Max "New York Jew"

I will be sure to use that.

listener jon

I usually ask if i can put them on hold, then just put the phone down next to the toilet.

Catfish Rivers

I like to pretend I am pleasuring myself when a telemarketer calls and try to get them to say dirty things to me...

usually sends 'em away fast.


Way to go Andy. You've connected with the crucial 18-24 demographic. But you've alienated retarded children, you're primary Monk audience.


So, this would be different from the show how exactly?


"promied your parents you wouln''t..."

is that the way retarded kids spell???


Telemarketers have feelings too! Leave them alone. Both of my parents put me thru college with telemarketing! It's a very respectable job!


what is this crank yankers... come on. and bring it..



hey breckman, by the way, over the course of the years 3 different groups of kids were talking about Monk in my classes.


You misspelled promise.
I tell the telemarketers that I want what they are selling and then put them on hold forever. Ha Ha Ha.
Keep up the great job.


Who is this guy? He's funny. He obviously hates himself, though.

Greggie Mohan

Being already retarded, this should be easy to do for me. In the past, I would just speak Polish to the telemarketer, but once I got one who also spoke Polish, so I just bought the eatible condoms. I think you should name your blog, AndyRama Hare Hare.


Sick. Seinfeld's solution: asl telemarketer for their phone number, so that you can call them.

Listener Fantod

I use Andy's "Fine, now that you've called" all the time. Thanks, Andy!


i do that when I am out of hospital.


Well, it's a start.

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