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February 15, 2005



I hate that Mekon!


I grew up attached to my c64 and was later in one of the few NTSC american demo groups...don't ask, nobody gets it...but look here if yr really interested...

When I was 13 all I was listening to was c64 music, slayer & celtic frost (what effect this has on my current listening tastes, I'm not sure...but they are off the beaten track).

The Sid chip was the most advanced computer sound chip at the time allowing 3 voices whereas most other machines only allowed blips and bloops. a MAC in 1988? ha! I never thought I would be such an APPLE fan...they sold overpriced garbage while Commodore introduced the breakthrough AMIGA machine, which was an quite the video industry tool, for under $2000.

I have been going through the whole HVSC collection for months now, converting the best songs to mp3s. there are a whole lot of turds, a lot of formula, a lot of genric technoey stuff...but there are some true gems...and people still compose on the thing!


Thanks for the's my favorite C64 song, unfortunately I have no idea what game it's from. If anyone has a clue, please chime in.


try the C64Music! Blog...

about musicians using Commodore 64's

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