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February 22, 2005



>The Science of Sound blog!

great site. thank you for sharing.

Henry Lowengard

Pseu and sound scientist types:

Excuse me for honking my horn, but the duck came down when I saw mention of the sonogram pix on the Science of Sound blog.

Oh, and block that metaphor!

Take a peek in the middle of my page of music for more sonogram pix,
in reference to the CD TRANSFORMS, CUNEIFORM 55011, by Dr. Nerve and friends,

I wrote the Amiga program RGS (originally called DRW) in 1987, which lets you draw spectrograms,
and hear them in real time as you draw them, so I've been doing these kinds of hijinks for almost 17 years.

BTW, my cut on the WFMU "Sounds of the Northeastern DJs" premium 7" boxed set also has a spectral picture in it.

see also:
The Jazz Kissingers:
Old Article on some of my other stuff:

Enough honking now. Carry on.

Talk about yer ghosts in the machine!


all excellent audio tools!


really good! i have never seen this!


hi, i want to know which software can i use to for voice comparison

jean paul

ok i have a question about what can i use to analises sounds and fine the diferent between them i have 10 diferent sounds but they are pretty similar when you heared if there is any software that i can use please let me know just like the one used in csi for phone identification sorry about my english

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