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February 12, 2005


Jeff T

I'm always impressed by the FMU server. My avergae rate is around 280KB/sec.

Kenny G

Urm, Ken. News flash: a 70mb download ain't a big deal. It's streaming in at about 100k/sec making it take all of ten minutes or so...

Kenny G

... but thanks for this. And I'm glad that our new broadband is fab!

Ed Word

Ugh... Mine took a whole 2 minutes and 5 seconds... I have places to go and sexy ladies to see, hence me writing this. GOD only about 450k/sec

oh and thanks very much ken

'ed word'

Station Mgr Ken

Yeah, I know it aint a big deal to DOWNLOAD this file. I was talking about the serving side of it as being a possible bandwidth / server capacity issue, depending on how many people grab it.


Rob S.

A cool 530 KB/sec, thank you very much!


Only suitable to be downloading from thou WFMU cheap broadband server to a leached wireless broadband connection. Yeeha, only getting 40kbs, but still thx unvigilant neighbor and many many thx WFMU.


can i download it to play rather than stream?

Station manager Ken

"can i download it to play rather than stream?"

That all you CAN do. You can't stream it, you can ONLY download it.



nice, only heard 8 minutes so far, but I still don't know if this is illegal, by taking parts of songs, and mixing them.


"I still don't know if this is illegal, by taking parts of songs, and mixing them."

This is legal (in theory). While immensely entertaining, this mix is clearly educational, and I don't mean that in a metaphorical/figuratively sense (like say the hip-hop "Lesson" mixes by Steinski.) There are long narrative segments explaining the history of sound appropriation since the introduction of magnetic recording tape. Additionally, the piece is also a critical comment on the music used inside of it. Reproduction of copyrighted material for educational and critical purposes is protected under copyright law, though that hasn't stopped copyright holder and their representatives from suing anyway in many cases.

what's in a name, really?

I noticed, in the first few minutes I've listened to it, that this uses previously-mashed tracks. Which is cool. If I recall right, you've got McSleazy's Triple Take, followed by the Gray Album track with Encore. My dialup is slowly downloading the song, but I'm quite enjoying it.


This is a great piece of work - I'd recommend it to everyone.

For the record, DJ Food is not a single person - it's the name given to a bunch of Ninja Tune DJs, of whom Stictly Kev is one. Think of it as 'Food for DJs'.

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