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February 25, 2005


the indescribable guzaro zahmeugua

a death metal man who doesn't eat innards? Quit frontin' Gaaaaaaahhhhhll!

Furious George

Um... Carcass were vegetarians you idiot.



the indescribable guzaro zahmeugua

i thought death metal was about unity in the community! your words really hurt my feelings. if you see me at the record fair, don't even talk to me!


I have known Gaahl for about 5 months? He were attacked by a man, and he defended himself, who wouldn't have done that? It's called self-defense.


Wow that's some hardcore shit i mean collecting his blood in a fricken yahtzee cup.....DAMN! But gorgoroth's music is awesome so im gonna have to say that gaahl was just protecting his own skin. KEEP SHREDDIN GAAHL!!!!

Once Upon Atrocities

This guy is clearly an idiot...
blood drinking is more something little hot topic kids in white face " vampires " who think Cradle of Filth is " evil, darkly romantic " or whatever the fuck that means; would do. Sounds like this nimrod raided the Hot Topic portion of his closet for his court appearence...the judge probably nearly died from LAUGHTER...if these clowns put HALF as much effort into their MUSIC as they did their oh-so- spooky image, they might have somthing.


Twilight of the Idols

james, your a twat

go rot

Twilight of the Idols

gaahl is an idiot. pure, simple!

Twilight of the Idols

but he still does great music. james youre right.


i think gaahl is hilarious, the thing he did was so cliche,hahahahahahhaa we need more rockstars like him so we can laugh more at black norwiegan metal, if you can paint your face an play "music" like they do (which for me is nothing more than noise) i think we all can be like good ol' gaahl


Black Metal not Death, thank you.

King Dan

Satanic Bm is for fags. Long live the pagan.


This guy is the next... I'm a big red machine, and I'll kill him, in your cell ! My shockslam will destroy him and everybody here.
Right now !


Ave Satani,...You are not Black Metal, if you are not against the HUMANITY!!! GORGOROTH is one of them!!! Hail DaJJaL!!! The True Messiah!!!


GAAHL is still alive!!! Slut like Kane just have a big EGGS in his head!!! Show me that you have killed GAAHL!!! Or shall I cut your fuckin DICK??? Or you do not have one???!!!

Jesus is Lord

HA HA HA!! A Point for us!! See ya all @ Megiddo!



That fucking idiot who thinks black metal is just noise should stick his britney spears records up his ass. Faggot.

Hellnorsk Svartmetall

Gaahl is innocent!

Gorgoroth Forever!

Black-Metal Forever!


i heard that with all the other stuff,Gaahl made him solve riddles. Im not kidding that was one of the charges..."Eeef ze treeee fallss dowwwwn een ze Norveeegeean Black Metal forest ant no von ees around to hear ze treeee falling doowwwwwn,then tell me does the treeeee steeeel making a souuuund?!!?!"


This idiot who is bringing up hot topic to relate somehow to Gaahl is an imbecile and shall be curb stomped. First of all go back to africa, second , consume a fur coat, and third, break a dish over your head and cut your throat open with it.


I don't think Gaahl was in the right mind. I think he feel into a fit. Which he lost control or his body, and forgot the whole occurance. I know gaahl ain't a liar.

NecroButcher Preteen Raper

everybody who thinks ghaal is a fucking fag , go suck your moms ass's. Gaahl is the ultimate father of black metal and will be remembered as one of the greatest black metal musicians of all time . I hope he kills you guys one day so these poser fucks finally fuck off ! fucking sluts.


father of black metal? he isnt even first wave. learn your BM laddo. his voice isnt that distinctive and there are more memorable musicians out there than him. just because he beats people up and has a strange persona doesnt mean hes the most greatest most amazingest brilliantist BMer ever.

fritz haarman

wow, the fag who says that black metal is nothing more than noise either listens to faggety ass new york hardcore or indie

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