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February 28, 2005


Jeff T

What a lame band. WOW, I was amazed at just how lame that song was. The only note worthy part in the whole show was Al Pacino saying "The Porn Broker" instead of "The Pawnbroker".


Adam Duritz IS Chuck Barris.


CITIZENs Abandon ship!! We olive in a SUXX world. motion pictures, wow. turnerclassique! Counted Crowes suxx, overdramatic patois suxx, CUT! PLEASE show us another emotional scene, CUT! PRINT! suxx. it all suxx wind.

bootymodels stiffstumble walking suxx, cleavage jewelry eyeliner suxxx, token nose-talgia suxx, holdmyhand crossingstreet FCCC suxx, beyonce a shadow of a no doubt, there's no escape - 005 entertainment is NULL. surrender to the voight. kanye bear it, samtana por fervor no ingles? i'd like to thank god. and our servicemen.

(luda)chris kidrock talktalktalkin skin color funnies. SKINCOLOR FUNNIES! ho ho he he ha ha huh? we still makin color funnies? when will it end... the race is STILL on?

how come no OSCARĀ© categories for 1) gore and 2) porn? now THAT is cinema!

my granddaughter asked me, Pops, did you ever win an Academy Award? and i told her, No princess, only nominations. Best Supporting Troops ribbon magnet 1966.

i'd like to thank god. and my mother. and clint.

here, take my play pad and marky pen away. senior nap time.

howard in nyc

three words.

side. show. bob.

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