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February 03, 2005



loved it. really loved. especially mom

Jeff (South Dakota)

Hey Chris,
That was a fantastic story. You have this really interesting and compelling way of writing. Those wacked out screeds are cool too (especially the one about the shitty job with the shitty radio station playing). Its a treat. Thanks.


chris, friday nites will never b the same; thanks for all the great memories, you started off the weeekend for me, it was officially "miller time" when i heard you sonorious voice, luv the geetar tale, i recently bought a used 77 black ibanez LP clone at guitarcenter, $225 with shitty case, i put in a duncan hb and the other pup is a real gibson, (per my guitar repairdude), and it kicks total sonicbutt, its one year after the gibson/lawsuit models, also how do you recall such vivid details from the backinthe day days? i cant remember too much any longer, im 47, i will missing chatting u on the air . . .peace, romeo

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