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February 11, 2005



{ah} That's right cleansing, mate.
Had to listen twice it's so nice.

Phil is bigger than Elvis and Mojo put together. He's freakin' everywhere:
+ the uptight, overcharged, persistently "underpaid" co-worker
+ the ex-boyfriend/husband
+ the ex-boyfriend/husband of the soon to be ex-girlfriend
+ the phallus face in the SUV who just damn near ran you and your baby and stroller over
+ the obligatory nut bar at every public waiting area (e.g. train depot, government office, etc.) who takes it upon himself to educate you about every ill in his life
+ the list goes on ... this "Phil" is exemplary, tho -- probably a day trader, racketeer, or black market broker -- poor guy

Sounds like "mental" is a mere fist's reach through the plasterboard from his calling location.

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