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February 14, 2005


Ed Word

Oh I am digging the Mystery Labs mp3s... Thanks a lot.This can hold me over for the next 38 and a half hours of KennyGless radio.

ed word


One of the greatest Reagan mutilations I ever heard was released as a flexi-disk in Raw magazine in the 80's ... I remember laughing hysterically, although there may have been substance abuse involved ... I think it was the same issue that featured the painting "Donald Duck descending a staircase" which also sent us into fits of hysterics, so ... yes ... I think there was substance abuse involved.



... having gone back, that "Ronald Reagan speaks for himself" is the Raw magazine recording ... wonderful to have it again.


Track 2 ("japanese pop") of the Mystery Tapes X1 Version tape is We Are Ninja by Frank Chickens, with no chopping up or plundering added.

I knew I recognised it but I had to Google anyway to find out who it was by.

These tapes are great little mashed up audio artefacts, thanks a lot, Kenneth.

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