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February 26, 2005


Jacob Haller

Man, I'm glad my boss doesn't do any of that stuff.


The awesome part is that while he is singing, he is keeping the posture and gestures of the speech-situation.

I guess you could do some funny stuff with this by replacing the audio with a lip-sync'ed real speech.
Also who hired that cameraguy?


Thanks. I'm so going to insert this in a mix CD.

I really want this song to appear on Karaoke playlists.


i think the awful camera work has got to be the reason for the spread of the abridged version.

that man has got some killer vibrato!


My goodness, you could drive a truck through his vibrato.

Thank you for posting this, in all of its glorious, um, something.

Jerod Freitag

I am so glad I looked through your archives. Here, in the future 2/26/2008, I had forgotten how to laugh at polititians. I hope GW takes a cue from ol' Yawn Assclown for his farewell address.

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