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February 07, 2005


Listener Bruce

Was this photo taken by at the Van Halen nursing home, by the Old Codger?

Chris T.

While we were in East Orange WFMU had an office staff of five and it was decided that each of us would take a day of the week and prepare a communal lunch (I think my day was Tuesday). I'm not sure why this was seen as a good idea but it led to some very strange meals. Some days you'd get a fairly nutritious offering but mostly it was stuff like frozen burritos or pierogies or the chewy local pizza. The whole socialist experiment was eventually abandoned in favor of the "ownership" lunch in place today.


good site

Volunteer Wendy

What about the big piece of steel wool I found in my Mango Chicken that one day? or was it a staple, I can't remember.

Yes, it was the piece of steel wool I found in my delicious lunch of staples. damned steel wool.

mmm, what's for dessert?

thanks for tha' entertainment, Mike.

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