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February 11, 2005


Joe Alt

The government should stay out of everything. Last week the only station in Chicago [88.3 FM]that transmitted the program Democracy Now vanished from the air waves. Now there is nothing but static. 88.3 was like wfmu, only perhaps slightly more political. They also aired a lot of Pacifica programs. The local NPR station [91.5] refuses to air Amy Goodman, I assume because she is too controversial. The FCC appears to be using their power to censor the air waves of all alternative thoughts.


The Hylas Press book "Sorry Everybody," a collection of photos and commentary taken from the popular post-election website where ordinary 'muricans and others apologize to the world for the hideous W debacle, was held up in customs long past the Coronation Day pub date of 1/20/05. Coincidence, you say? Ha ha ha ha ha -- please to not be making me laugh.


I want to take you to a say bar
a say bar say bar say bar
talk about your speakeasies
let's start a non-voilent, civil disagreement
at the say bar
a non-voilent, civil dispute
between the would be puritans
and those of otherwise ill repute
between the pursed lips of the paranoid
and the word weary, prohibited void
Make no mistake, dem's fighting [CENSORED]!


I've written a letter to my congressman. You should too.


so this is a bit off topic, sorry, but i have to know. Last week fmu played a song by the PANDATARDS and I have been trying to find out anything at all about them. They don't seem to exist anywhere on the internet. Do you have any idea who this band is or where I can find out more about them?

Much appreciated, thanks.

Jeff T

Hey, nice hands Ken. Do you moisturize?

Ed Word

Jeff, how can you congratulate Kens hands with out congratulating jeddeth's post? Someones chooseing favorites and that is just not nice.

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