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February 13, 2005



Where is that one way mirror public bathroom in Houston? That could be interesting.


do you have an address for the Houston bathroom? I want to see if this is for real.


Folks, those toilets are not in Houston. They are swiss made, and although the city considered them, they have been rejected.



dude, this is friggin sweet. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/2692327.html dont work...


Link proabbly doesn't work because it's old.....

i want to poop in it and maybe wank off a bit!!!! hooray i like beans

Sanserv-Washroom Services

Ha Ha Ha!
This concept is really interesting but surely it involves great effort and cost to keep it neat and clean and hygienic.
I think that would be the reason of rejection!

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