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February 09, 2005


Webster Hubble Telescope

Interesting comment on the Computer Science professor. I pulled together a list of punks with PhDs here.

Another fellow is planning on writing a longer article on the PhD contingent.


I was on The Fall's message board and I made an inquiry about Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons.

Here's the response that I got-


Some more information about Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons:
The group formed in Stockholm, Sweden around 1978/9 and were briefly called Gdansk before settling on Kitchen etc. The members were:
Anne - vocals
Iggo - Synthesizer
Helena - Synthesizer
Jackie - Bass
Back - Drums
Later on Patrik was added on guitar. Anne left around 1982 and the group used a number of vocalists untli disbanding around 1984/5. Apart from the singles mentioned above they appeared on a number of compilations and several tracks from an unreleased album are rumoured to exist.

Mats Wigerdal

Don't know anything bout your show but I found the band Kithcen & the plastic spoons on your site and that your asked for some info. I happened to be the drummer of the band or used to be as we haven't existed since 1981. We was formed in spring -80 more or less by an accident but we found our sound at once. Two girls and three boys mixing syntezisers with bass and drums in Stockholm Sweden.
We actual will meet next week to discuss a record release or a website with download service and photos etc.
Thank you very much for your interest. We're exited.
Best Regards
Mats Wigerdal


Mats, what members of the band formed "Apa" after Kitchen?
I saw Kitchen at a gig at Bryggaregården in Västerås in 1980 I think. Great gig! I talked to afterwards, quite stunned.
If you release anything from back then, like the flexi, I will definitely buy it, especially from ITMS.



Mats Wigerdal:
We are doing a site called which is supposed to be like a database over swedish punkbands used by foreign people with a interest in swedish punk.
I've been thinking of including Kitchen & tps to the bands but I'm not sure if u were a punkband!? I have your "Funeral"-ep and think it is very cool. Chips Kiesby of Sator once told me that you called yourself a punkband back then. But if u should be included I really would need some more information about the band! So Mats, please, if u read this.. send me an e-mail. Also check out our site and see what u think of it.. thanx in advance.. /Johan


Hi Michael
Thanks for your question and glad to hear you saw us back then, few did. I remember the gig very well. I was our first outside Stockholm and I think it was a time when we were at our best.
There is a recording from that night that a friend did. He forget the idea of stereo so its just in one channel. There are plans to relese a CD with our studio material together with live stuff. Were working on it at this moment.

Regarding Apa Kithen wasnt involved but some friends were. It was people who worked at the Opera in Stockholm. Apa is an shortening of Aldrig P Arbetet. Among other there was Jonas Jonasson (Bob Hund) and Jukka Rassila (Red Checker) playing in the band.
Glad to serve you
Mats Wigerdal


HeY U aLL KiTcheN;muSic lovERs!
S¤¤n weRe up & JuMping in Zer inTernEte...kEEp C¤¤l!...

bob d.

Well, I am a copy editor for Drop Dead magazine and the next issue will include an interview with Mats ¨Back¨ Wigerdal of Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons ... it's very informative. So, pick up a copy of the next issue of DDM, which will be available soon.

-- bob d.


From the ashes of a small blog post, KITCHEN ROSE FROM THE DEAD.

I think that if you hadn't posted this blog, they wouldn't have come back. THANKS WFMU!


Order the Kitchen CD NOW...Released May 14th!!

It took 27 years but it's finally time!
"Best Off", Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons' 20 track CD, contains almost all studio tracks ever recorded including never before released material. In addition all nine live tracks feature songs never released or even bootlegged.


Do you have a link for the kitchens 'happy funeral'? If so there would be a happy boy here in the states. Thanks


Here´s our Myspacelink:
Luv Kitchen

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