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February 23, 2005


Jeff T

How about Fargo. The kidnappers startle the kidnappie who is hiding in the shower. She goes through the hall and down the stairs wrapped in a bright white shower curtain. She looks like a ridiculous ghost.

Listener Paul

Wizard of Oz?


Bugs (as Rocky): it's coitins for you, muggsy. Coitins!
Muggsy: But Rocky, I'm your pal, your buddy pal!

[rocky puts a curtain rod, with curtains, on muggsy's head]

Muggsy: Oh, they're adorable!


In "The Sound of Music" Maria makes clothes for all the kids out of curtains.

As for literature: in "Hamlet," isn't there a scene where someone hides behind the curtains and witnesses overhears something important? (I don't own a copy of the play, so I can't look it up.)


hamlet. act 3 scene 4.

[polonius is hiding behind an arras (curtain or tapastry)].

hamlet: how now? a rat! dead for a ducat, dead.

(thrusts his rapier throught the arras)

polonius: (behind) o, i am slain.

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