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February 12, 2005



The knife collectors show is sadly off the air ( , but Tom O'Dell's genius lives on at the "Cutlery Corner":

listener jon

The knife collectors show was one of the greatest late night tv extravaganzas of all time. There is a videotape of the "Plea for Insanity" show where Tom O'Dell offers deals that only could be created by a man insane.

My old sketch comedy group even wrote a parody of the show called "Knives" featuring a puma pommel bowie. The sketch was funny, but not as funny as the actual show.


Is the show still on?


i loved the show. i just wish i had some money to buy somethings that i really wanted. please put them back on the air.


One of the best swords ever sold on that show was the “4 horsemen of the apocalypse” the way O'Dell dryly delivered that line was pure redneck gold. (Delivered like “4 horsemen 10 second pause of the apocalypse. For dramatic effect.)(The sword is huge probably weighs 100 pounds and is 8 feet long.) They also can’t stop cutting paper with the knives. When the 1-800 number is given out, rather than giving out all the digits you’ll hear lines like “Call us at 1-800 telephone number.” No lie.

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