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February 14, 2005


Jen Abb

Mike, A four song EP and you only serve up 3 MP3s. You're killing completists like me.


You tell'im Jen!



The Rolling Scabs sound a lot like Human Skab, a Washington state mohawked preteen who released a truly awesome and chaotic cassette, _Thunderbolts and Saddle Bags_ or something like that. Human Skab ranted about elementary school and being punished, but he also served up the postapocalptic epic "Mining The Radiation." The Blake Babies sampled him on a track.


more pre-teen punk agro? dude, wwjd? (what would jacko do?)

Lil Mike

Thanx to Mike Lupica for putting up the Rolling Scabs music and story...

Those kids were hilarious, the guy who posted about Human Skab is right on ... these kids were influenced by that as well... we'd seen the Skab cassette and when these neighborhood brats showed up and we decided they should be performers, they adopted the name Rolling Scabs...

and although the story was
kept tongue in cheek on the liner notes... as unbelievable as it seems, it's mostly true... so we decided to roll with the absurdist tone...

probably, because we were a mess, and you wouldn't believe it anyway

Giuliano really did die in an elevator surfing accident... there really was an escaped mental patient playing guitar.. the drummer really was known as Tony Fag...

I am the certifiably nuts long haired guy in the middle of the live yellow sleeve picture... the retarded mental patient is the big leaping dude behind me... Giuliano is the singer

it's a fairly rare release ( less than 800 copies known to have ever existed)

I still get occasional people tracking me down about it, awhile back a kid from Italy recognized me on the street from the sleeve...

There's more info the release at a blog entry I did at

Lil Mike

direct blog link to Scabs entry

michael dean

hey ! thanks.

that's me on bass, and my drummer, from Bomb, tony fag, on drums.

There is sort of a guitar player, or two, li'l mike, and a guy named reiner. He's in and out of mental institutions a lot. neither of them could play, so they're way down in the mix. I think that was lawrence livermore introducing us.

We discovered the scabs, or did they discover us? they broke into my house. I was fucking my girlfriend and i looked up and they were standing over me. they broke in another time while we were out. We came in and they were banging on our drums and guitar. Instead of calling the cops we called tim yohannan and booked them a gig. We wrote the set list on the way to the gig. And yup, it was all made up on the spot.

michael w. dean

michael dean

By the way, the reason lawrence says "OUCH!" in the intro is one of the scabs kicked him because they wanted to play, NOW!


Wow, 12 year old kids. How cute and cool.

b mulvey

all the recent talk about eyeball skeleton triggered something in the memory banks about hearing some weird-ass little kid rock thing at (prb say like, 1999), that was vaguely similar - sure enough, here's mr. 'hey you kids' filling us all in.


early 90s I heard it on wprb and found it at the record exchange...still one of my most prized records!


cool that any young kid would sport an mdc shirt...I had some NJ staties real unhappy with my mdc shirt

isa bourbon

hey this is my brother, giuliano. He died August 1, 1990. IT was in my aunts house. she has an elevator, he was elevator surfing when he fell and the elevator came down on top of him. i was born the same year he died. I cant believe he was this famous. i heard some of his stuff its pretty funny. Do you know where i could buy his album it means alot.

Pierre Sage

many lunar cycles past

before THEY took grunge commercial -- to the Bon Marche

before THEY took the right to play
from KCMU, 90.3

the scabs rolled across the aural sea


my mind decoded the wavefronts and rarefactions

it was too cool to be REAL


mother didint wouldint couldint souldint

no vinyl in hand
only a virtual receipt

;ONCE is again


that was
this is
Pierre Sage

betsey bruner

You are talking about my son, Giuliano Bourbon. I was absolutely amazed to find his name on this Web site. Who are you?
Betsey (Bourbon) Bruner

Rita Bourbon

This is my step-son and we are thrilled to see that his memory is alive somehow. Can we buy CD's? Let me know?


I heard the song "my mom smokes pot" on KUNV, the college radio station in Las Vegas, on the 7 inch radio show,my little sister and I were way into it. I used to tape the radio, and I taped that song, but I lost the tape, thanks for posting the songs on this website.

Alexandra Bourbon

My name is alex and Giuliano was my brother. I was 7 when he died. I would love to know where i could get an album or any sort of memorabillia on the band. Thank you so much for keeping the legacy going. Thanks, Alex


Giuliano Bourbon was a creative, high-spirited, and fiercely independent boy. His independence no doubt stemmed from his somewhat unstable lifestyle, being bounced between boarding schools, his father's home in Santa Barbara, his mother's home in Northern California, and his aunt and uncle's in New York, where he met his untimely death. At that time, his family was not in touch with his enormous musical and artistic potential, in spite of the fact that Montino, his father (an American, born in Italy), is a professional ethnomusicologist and Indian Classical maestro. Montino spent about 12 years of his life under the direct tutelage of the world famous Indian sarod master, Ali Akbar Khan, at his school in San Rafael California. At this time of his life, Giuliano's family was more concerned about his grades in school and a number of instances in which Giuliano had gotten himself in a bit of trouble with his school's administration. (nothing serious; just boys being boys)
After Giuliano's death, which was devastating to his family, Montino began displaying Giuliano's guitar on the wall of his stone music building (the Kiva), and often brings it out at concerts and informal gatherings and plays it in a number of world music styles, including classical Indian.
It is somewhat ironic that Giuliano, with one informal recording, has reached a level of fame and notoriety that his father, after devoting an entire lifetime to music performance, composition, and education, has yet to achieve.

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Alexandra Bourbon

Happy Birthday Giuliano! I love you big bro......keep kicking ass up there.


Jacob Romanow

Giuliano was my best friend! We did everything together including sneaking out to play in a band of members we bareley knew and who were far older than ourselves. We did not really think about consequences....we just lived to have fun! One thing I can say about Giuliano is that he lived more in his short time on earth than most people could live in a thousand years. I am so honored that his legend and that of "The Rolling Scabs" has continued to spread and inspire so many people. R.I.P. Giuliano
-Jacob Romanow-

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