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February 15, 2005



Both devices that you mention look very cool and pro. But if you're mostly interested in a player, try the Archos Jukebox Recorder, a 20Gb MP3 player and recorder which is sporadically available for $250 through discount sources. Admittedly, I haven't done any mic recording so I can't speak for its VBR recording capabilities, but I'm sure info is out there from other users. It has coaxial digital in/out, a built-in mic, and analog line in which I assume could be adapted to a mic. Along with USB 2.0.)

The coolest thing about it, you can completely replace the operating interface by installing a free alternative (Rockbox) which is being developed by other users in Linux-like fashion. The replacement interface can even play games like tetris and solitaire. (It can announce menus by a robotic user-configurable can even play videos that are converted to a special format - though on a small LCD the results are far from satisfying.)

Check out for a description of features for the alternative interface and perhaps a discussion of recording capability on its forum.

Make sure you buy an Archos that's compatible with Rockbox, if you're interested in those features. The Jukebox Recorder may no longer be widely available and is not manufactured by Archos. Ebay anyone? (And don't drop it!)


The iRiver hard drive based players also record in wav or mp3 format. Rockbox is supposed to be working on firmware for iRiver as well, which I am looking quite forward to.


If you use the linux on iPod project :

You can get higher quality recording (up to 96kHz mono) and all you need is a decent mike. Of course there's better tools out there, but not any that are as cheap, well assuming you already plunked down the big bucks for an iPod.


There is free 3rd-party firmware that allows you to hook a mic (or headphones, or any other input device with a "1/8 phone plug) into your ipod and record high-quality wav files.

You have to have a 3rd Generation iPod or lower, though. They're still working on iPod mini & 4th G iPods.

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