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February 25, 2005



they beat you to it

larry forney

Guitarika, The Man Hands or Man Handlers, Sad Bomb, The Nothing Nevers, Mechaplast, oh shit...Door Jam this is like a party.

listener jon

Kelly, you are just a Short Hills girl. Next time i'm back, let's go to Oscar's for a sub. How about Pond Scum? Senor Bark Bark, The Choo Choo Experience, Ameoba Eyes, The Drillers, Champs-Ésleazées, Biker Death Squad, The Havocs, Stubings Revenge, Band of the Lost, The Milk Toasts...i could go on and on.


Back in the 90s, I wanted to form a band called Amy Fischer Discharge.

Jeff T

The Traditional Definitions.

Dave B

The Fred Durst Sex Video


I was in a very short lived punk band back in '78 called The Vicious Squares.

Volunteer Wendy

Mexican Hat Stretchers.
Henry the Cheeseman.
The Satanic Nurses.
Crystal Beth.
Carpets on Sale.

These were thought of many years ago while sitting in a cafe where I used to work. There were more, these are the ones I remember. Thanks for the fun, Kelly J!


I am the proud owner of the "Toilet Genius" masterpiece (pictured above), which I purchased from Kelly at a Record Fair long ago. It's hanging in my bathroom.


while dj-ing at wrsu, matt p. was taken with the idea of naming his band "the mattress cowboys". he even went so far as to call the owner of a bedding store on rt. 18 in e. brunswick seeking permission to use the name. no dice tho'.


Good article. Very interesting and useful. Thanks.


Pond Scum IS a band.

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