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March 28, 2005


l'il miss leather

That nasal horn o' plenty is called a Neti Pot. A yogically-minded friend of mine swears by it. If that video piqued your interest, here's more information on nasal irrigation than you will ever need:

Chris J

At least it comes out the other nostril. I watched a PBS yoga program in which Wai Lana repeatedly takes the liquid in through the nose and then spits it out into a bowl.


Hey, when you can't surf this is the next best thing for nose maintenance. Warm salt water flushing out the sinus can shorten or clear up a headcold in nothing flat.

Alittle daunting at first but when the congestion is gone and your breathing again, whoa baby.

Nothing like the ol' positive reinforcement to overcome the trepdidation.

Check it out. It is for real and a good thing.

Krys O.

Neti Pots are scary! I do the yogic nasal cleansing with saline spray. The water does come out through the mouth but one must make very loud expectorating noises.


I just can't seem to get enthused over my new "Yoga Exercise Routine."

(...and everyone in Gold's Gym stares.)

mike lupica

UPDATE: A very kind friend gave me a neti pot which I tried at home. Two observations -- 1. The first time I tried it, I very much felt as though I were about to drown while standing up in my bathroom. Also, it's hard to master the proper posture to prevent the water from running out the other nostril and freefalling into the sink. (Mine just ran down my neck and got my shirt all wet.) 2. The next time I tried it, I again felt like I was drowing. But this time, I took note of the amazing quantity of water that my head seems to be able to house before it needs to find its way out again. Also, I can now say with some authority that it is ill-advised to cough when your skull is full of water.


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