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March 24, 2005



Wow! I can't believe I never knew this!!
Of course, I met Vic through R. Stevie.
Wish I had had more time to get to know him.

What a treasure-trove!

Thanks for sharing, ChrisT.


man chris t, I been listeing to your show since 1991 or so.... damn ill miss it..

i swear 2 weeks before you announced you were leaving i said to myself "well with all thats changed in my life the last year.. AT LEAST there is still chris t on friday nites i can count on that" lol oh well so much for that... ;) you know there is something to be said for some things that never change, there is a comfort in knowing every friday at 6 i can hear ya rant and how many times you did and it was sooo "in season" to my life... im sure many feel that way

you will be missed my friend and i never met ya but feel like i almost know ya

peace take it ez chris and good luck with your work, look forward to some pod casts and maybe you can get a later time slot on fridays eventually?? here's to hoping...

Krys O.

Thanks for remembering Vic. BTW-his daughter had a baby and Vic would have been a grandfather had he survived. Best of luck, Chris. We know you'll be back soon.


howdy, thanks mr christ, for posting that fantastic memory. hits me deep. would love to experience any and all things 'vic' that you saved from back in the day. jim teemer! cracks me up... indeed, we two boys were recording our own little "fake" aerial views in nashville homes as far back as circa 1971.

for those who wanna explore more of the victor lovera legend, click the link, hope it works.

here's the tiny url again:

best vibes,
"king mediocre"

Georgie Rockwood

Awesome blog & comments. Victor & I began writing music together in late 1982 early 1983 when Vic had moved to Merritt Island Florida.
Fagan Arough (smashers) was also living in Merritt Island,infact,Vic & Gwen were living in the trailor in Fagan's,what times,especially for writing music.when i met Vic he was at a musical low cause of all the dissapointments with the smashers etc...
i was this 20 something percussionist/lyricist who needed a Bernie Taupin/Elton John relationship when it came to songwriting.
Victor was my man!!!
i was blown away by the songs on the smashers album & i was blown away by his gentle spirit & hunger for music.
Vic always said,i was what he was looking for in all those years of music. we did the Taupin/john approach to music. i had a book full of lyrics just waiting for his music.
the lyrics would be written first then the music,man did that add a special sound to the songs!
some of the songs we wrote together were::: Violins (aka No More Violins),Torn Together,So Slow,Dance House,You're In Photographs,Pointy Shoes,Midnight Low......and many other songs.
in fact, Violins & Torn Together went on to be sizeable charting hits in europe in 1985.
i miss you Vic!!!!!


This Rockwood guy always lies

georgie rockwood

everyone has an opinion i guess....but Anonymous, you were not there when Vic & i created music together....if you think i'm lyin just check with Robert Stevie Moore.
but,it's no water under my bridge Anonymous (you won't even give your real name...LOL)but if you need proof Anonymous,just email me & i'll show you pics of us together in the studio,lyric lead sheets with Vic's notes etc...etc....etc.....

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